In May, Don Brown (husband to Josh’s assistant, Lynne) and his dad, “Babe” Brown, boarded a plane with 35 other US veterans and their ‘guardians’ for the 17th Honor Flight Southland Mission. These are flights that pay tribute to the sacrifices made by veterans of foreign wars such as World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War—sacrifices they made so that we can live free. This was their time to reflect, reminisce and be properly honored for what they gave for our freedom. During the flight, they even had “mail call”, which was an incredibly special surprise for these vets, as mail call during wartimes was their only means of contact with their loved ones back home. Lots of tears in opening their mail packages! Upon arrival, they settled into their hotel and enjoyed a welcome dinner, which included self-introductions and more poignant moments. Another day came early on Saturday, as they boarded a bus and toured US treasures such as Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (with wreath laying ceremony), the Lincoln and FDR Memorials, and Iwo Jima. They witnessed the Changing

of the Guard, as well as memorials for the US Air Force, US Marine Corps, World War II, Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Veterans—which was very dear to Babe, as he was stationed in Germany during this conflict. It was a 14-hour day after which a wonderful dinner was served and the photos and videos from that same day were viewed by the whole group. What a treat!

On Sunday, the group had breakfast and headed to Fort McHenry to participate in a flag folding ceremony, enjoying a hardy lunch afterwards of some good ole barbeque, followed by a tour of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. After another full day, they headed back to the airport for a late-night flight back to California, where friends and family greeted them (at midnight no less)—a wonderful, well-deserved, and proper homecoming!

A trip that Lynne’s father-in-law and husband will never forget—full of shared memories, tasty food, and tears. A sincere thank you to Babe, and to his military brothers and sisters, for their service. We love and salute you!