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The Wiser Financial Advisor podcast gives you real, honest and clear advice every Tuesday.

June 1, 2021
A lot of people really do wonder if they had began learning the implications of cash and learned more about financial management earlier in…
May 18, 2021
Are you interested in learning what a financial adviser can do for you? Are you interested in knowing how the financial advisor world is…
May 11, 2021
“What does it take to become a millionaire?” A question host Josh Nelson gets asked a lot. In this episode he shares how you…
April 19, 2021
We talk a lot about debt on this show and the reason is because so often people get themselves in trouble. Not with sophisticated…
April 12, 2021
Cash is trash? What does that mean? How is that so? Is your cash trash too? Host Josh Nelson explains how you can assess…