Our Team

Macy Chapman

Marketing Coordinator


What’s your dream for the company?

I would like to see Keystone Financial as a company that people trust and speak very highly of. A company where people can feel comfortable talking about life changes and planning out important things, and knowing that we are able to care for all of those things for our clients with the utmost integrity and highest level of trust. 

What are three words people use to describe you? 

Loyal, Organized, and Spontaneous

When you are not working, what do you care about most? 

When not working, Macy loves to travel and explore new places all over the world. She also loves spending time with her family, cooking, and exploring her community of Huntsville, Alabama.

What’s your financial journey?

Macy Chapman has been in social media for more than ten years. She started at a large corporation running social media for many small business clients and teaching them how to utilize SEO and social media to up their online reputation. In 2012, she moved to Huntsville from Dallas where she worked in various industries with social media and events, including community and government contracting businesses.

In 2015, Macy started her own freelance business doing social media and virtual assistant work. With experience in event planning, public relations, and managing online presence for many different types of businesses, she is excited to bring her skills to the financial industry. She lives in Huntsville with her husband and daughter.

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